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cant connect to realFSX Server 1/2
Martin Schrämli

15th Aug 2021
Hey guys

Unfortunately, I cannot connect to the RealFSX # 1 / # 2 servers from my desktop. It works with my server, from there I can connect. I can connect to the other servers whit the fail Desktop (Derek, Montreal, swiss).

I've been in contact with JoeDirt for a long time about the problem, but we haven't found a solution. We tried everything possible:

I try connect my Desktop direct whit Modem Router
I try connect whit standard Plane on Gate
Joe try restart Firewall

I have a baremetal Win 10 Pro - FSX retail DVD Version.

I can connect, Players see me in Session. But i cant go in Lobby, hanging on:
Martin Schrämli

17th Aug 2021

I repair FSX and reset settings (delete FSX.cfg). It took me a couple of hours, but now I can join all of the servers.

But it works, nice, ty Joe for help.

Martin Schrämli

22nd Aug 2021
I was happy too soon, I can't connect to the two servers. All other servers do.

But I'll get new hardware soon, so I'll have to reinstall Windows anyway.
Martin Schrämli

8th Sep 2021

I set up the client computer again. I still bought FSX Steam Edition, which doesn't connect to all openFS servers, include mine self. Then I installed FSX Retail three times, and now the RealFSX servers are working again.

I think is a bug whit Flight Sim Commander and FSUIPC.

Idk. but work for the Moment on all openFS Servers.

What a forceps delivery.
Martin Schrämli

23rd Sep 2021

I now know what the problem was: when I start FSX in compatibility mode (Windows 7), I cannot connect to the server.

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