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FSX Gamespy replacement

It looks like Microsoft doesn't care about flight simmers. Nevermind, we'll look after you here.

FSopen is the new Gamespy

Click on sessions link to find a game.

Watch the video to learn how to connect.

How ATC and pilot assistant works

You can use pilot assitant and flight strips for ATC for free in any FSopen session
This video explains how.
To list your game on our session page you need to download FSopen Server .

This is free to use. Click on the session links to see what servers are online.
If you are flying in a server running FSopen server you can use Pilot Assistant for free.

Look up and file real world flight plans and use the built in airport maps to find your taxiways.
Designed to work with any smart phone or tablet, Open Control lets you control most of your planes functions using a touch screen device.

There is even a moving map built in.
If you want to realy improve your experience flying then watch our video of Open Clouds

This is free to use in UK airspace. Designed to be easy to use without impacting on your frame rate.
Flight Strips is another free addon for anybody doing ATC in a FSopen session.

In a busy session with ATC this amazing application helps you remember who is going where!
There is more to look at and download here.

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