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FSX Gamespy Sessions (Now running FSopen Server)

  1. You will need fsx service packs one and two or acceleration to join these games.
  2. In FSX, Multiplayer, Network setting use the standard port range 6112 - 6122
  3. Some servers use TeamSpeak as a better voice client. Download Teamspeak2 client and the TeamSpeak3 client as required.
  4. Connect to the session you want using direct connect in FSX. How To Video here
  5. You do not need to install any software to fly in these sessions. Once in a session you can enter a flight plan here.
  6. Experienced pilots and ATC can use Pilot Assistant and Flightstrip software. Both are free to use. Watch how it works here
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Sessions are sorted by who advertised this page, I'd recommend you use them from the top first. Page updates every 30 seconds

Password protected session.
Real weather running.
Pro session.
Robot running in session.
More information available.

These sessions are run by various groups running our hosting software here. The software allows administrators better control of a session and enables all players to use flight strips for ATC or pilot assistant for free.
To get your session listed higher see here.

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