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FSOpen P3Dv2 Server - Pilot Assistant / Teamspeak issue
Jeff Welsh
United States
11th Feb 2015
Morning everyone!

I just built the 'Two Guys' FSOpen P3D server in the session list and I'm running into an issue that perhaps someone can provide details on.

I can successfully connect my P3D sim to the dedicated FSOpen server without issue. Pilot Assistant on the client sim side indicates FSXStatus: Off-Line, while Chat shows "On-Line".

Also, frequency changes do not seem to be tracked by FSOpen, so no channel changes in Teamspeak occur. I've watched the debug log on the FSOpen server, but shows no changes of channels, only logins, etc.

The teamspeak channel I'm testing is called "Unicom 122.8", which from what I've read should work.

I've confirmed SimConnect is working, as I have other software packages that utilize it.

I'm assuming the teamspeak comms issue is related to Pilot Assistant not connecting to P3D.

Any ideas?

Dave Wave
United Kingdom

14th Feb 2015
Jeff, I'm struggling to look at this at the moment. Will stick it on my to do list.

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