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Worldwide Airline seeks Help
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

5th Feb 2015

Since the closure of my FSXWorldwide server, ive been extremely busy offline; Finishing my Aircraft Engineering degree, learning a brand new aircraft type and finishing my Supervisory boards and exams.

Soon, I will be free of all the studying and exams and will be ready again to get my teeth sunk into my hobbies, flying and simming to name just two.

Since the closure of FSXW, myself and my team have slowly been improving our Airline website ( and the ways in which we do our business. We've been hosting regular flights, predominantly on VATSIM. We are now looking at getting back into the FSOpen realm and becoming a part of the community again. We are yet to have a server or server equipment.

This Saturday, Ive booked DBMedia, an organisation that create promotional videos, to come and make one for us. We are looking for people to get involved and help us to make the video a success.

We would like to use an FSOpen server to host the group flight that we intend to put together, where we will have different types of aircraft in the Worldwide Airline liveries, flying from A to be under full ATC control.

We are looking for people that are willing to fly in our colours, regardless of whether you are a Worldwide Airline pilot or not, to get involved and help us make the filming a success. Anyone that flies the route with us, from ground of the departure airport to the gate of the arrival airport will be entered into our prize draw on the night for the chance to win a gift for your sim.

If any server host is willing to allow us to use their server for this event, it would be truly appreciated. We are more than happy to supply the controllers, but if the server would like to provide them, that would be fine. So long as we have at least radar at both departure and arrival airports and an area controller (London control for example), we'll be happy.

If you're happy to either host our event or you'd even like to come and fly with us for that one evening, please let me know.

Many thanks

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