Bot Commands

The Bot (Robot) is just a interface between the chat window in FSX and some software that runs on the server.

This is a list of all the available commands and how they work.

or !H
Lists all the available commands. If you are not sure what the listed command does typing just the command often tells you. !Help
or !C
Will show you your callsign as seen by ATC. Normally this is the first 3 characters of your airline plus the flight number.
If you choose none for your airline this will be your tail number.
If you leave your tailnumber blank then ATC will see you as your GamespyID and I'd question if you are in the right server!
or !M
Lists the last 5 people who transmitted voice in the session and how long ago they last spoke.
ATC use to identify users speaking with incorrect callsigns or idiots.
or !T
Register that you are taking over an ATC position
You should pass in another 40 characters that decribes the location and frequeny you are using.
Its useful to type in the ICAO code of the airport, its name and the freq.
If you want to make a correction simply use !T again.
This information is then included in the information post in the chat window every 60 seconds.
Note: Power users should use Flight strips instead of !Tower
!T EGHH Bournemouth Twr 125.60
or !S
Removes an active ATC position and stops posting the info in chat.
No other parameters are required.
or !F
Submit a flightplan so ATC knows your intentions
The bot already knows your plane and callsign so this is not required
Using the format below.
ICAOFrom ICAOTo IFRorVFR FLorAlt Remarks


The ICAO airport code you are departing. e.g. Birmingham is EGBB

As above for your destination. The codes need to be real or the bot will reject.
If you are staying in the circuit use the same airport code for both. You can also use CIRC if you wish.

Enter V or VFR for visual or I or IFR for Instrument

For a Flight level type FL180 or F180 or just 180

For an altitude just type 5000. Flight levels and altitudes need to be sensible or the bot will reject it.

Remarks (Optional)
You may type what you want for remarks. This could be a list of VORs you intend to use, how many circuits you intend. Just anything you might want to pass on to ATC.
Note: Consider using Pilot Assistant downloadable in pilots section for more effective flight plans

!F EGBB CIRC VFR 1000 3 Circuits
or !A
Grant admin status to another player. The format is !A GamespyID
You do not have to use the full GamespyID, just enough to make it unique.
e.g. to grant access to player Willow7852 you could type !A 785.
You must be an admin yourself to grant others.
!A Dames
or !B
Kicks a player and bans him forever.
The format is !B GamespyID
You do not have to use the full GamespyID, just enough to make it unique.
e.g. to Ban player Eric1974 you could type !B 197.
You must be an admin to Ban players.
!B Josh
or !Q
Retrieve weather information for an airport

The latest Metar for the aiirport is returned. These are real world metars but if your session is using real world weather then the information will be the same.

or !I

Lets Admins change the automatic message posted in the chat box.

!I This server will be restarting at 20:00 to change the weather for tonight's event
or !P
Lists any players slowing down your network/server

Restricted to admins. Press !P and all players transmitting more than 200 packets in the last 30 seconds are listed.
Standard fsx planes should be less then 200. I've seen some planes with nearly 2000. Planes like this can kill your server!
or !R
If hops are enabled on the server will give the pilot an airport ICAO code to fly to.

Once the pilot lands and stops at that airport the pilot will be given the next hop to fly.
or !P
Lists the player number and the players gamespyID if known.

Restricted to admins. Sometimes users join with unusual names that make it hard to kick like
In this case !List might show:

22 gilli7
33 kreg1978

In order to kick or ban this player you could use his list number e.g.
!KN 26
or to ban
!BN 26

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