ATC Software

We aim to provide great ATC in our sessions and we also offer you some great additions.

There are a few free downloads for you on the site that may help you to enjoy your experience.

This software is free for anybody to use in a session running FSopen Server.

We offer some powerfull enhancements for those of you wanting to do ATC, including the following;

1. Auto Kick facility on the server
2. Admins can kick players from their PC
3. Ability for pilots to file flight plans via chat, web page or pilot assistant.
4. Information on your session
5. ATC get to use our flight planning software to control and hand over to other ATC. (Screenshot below)
6. Record your own ATIS announcments.

You can try the software here.

So if you want to be part of the action register now and and we'll keep you up to date with email.

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