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hello DaveTheWave
Robert Smith

7th Aug 2023
Hey, Robert aka Pizza from EasternHops I was going through the PC and still have your link to the forums so I thought I would pop in and say hi Hope all is going well. I still remember the heyday of FSOpen days it was good times we are still going on strong we just celebrated our 17th year

take care From Pizza
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

14th Aug 2023
Hi Robert,
Still trying to think of doing something with Flight Sim, will probably hold off now until the new version next year but watch this space.
Robert Smith

29th Mar 2024
Hey Dave, Mr. Pizza just checking in again Hope all is well looking forward to seeing if you have anything going on with flightsim this year if you need any testers let us know... our Cessna Sunday events are still going strong with an average 35-40 plus pilots take care, be safe...

Tim Walters
United Kingdom

26th Apr 2024
Hi Dave

Just dropping by to see how things are with you.

You've stated in another thread that FSOpen may be retired.

I'd like to thank you for your YEARS of dedication to the hobby - I remember the good times. We move on.

Take care fella.

Tim (as was 2019) and (as was 2014)

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