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Open Control works, then doesn\'t, can\'t uninstall, one time workaround...
Rirhard Gossard
United States
22nd Jan 2019
I downloaded open control,installed and opened, and WOW! was I impressed... I spent about an hour learning the steps and created the perfect (IMNSHO) layout for Cessna 172 control,tested it,and thought it the best addon for FSX I had ever downloaded... It was then time to shut down and get to work.

When I next rebooted to fly, Firefox told me the server could not be found...I made sure that Open Control was allowed through my firewall. I decided to un and re install with the OpenControl.msi, but windoze told me I did not have permission to uninstall. I deleted the open control folder and attempted to reinstall, but windoze told me that a more recent version was already installed... hmmm... I searched through ALL of the posts on this forum, and googled for help... Nada...

On a whim, I clicked the Open Control shortcut in my start menu, and lo and behold, The program installed, updated, and opened... I joyfully flew cross country, loving my new toy... then shutdown and went to bed.

The next day, I booted up, and, once again, server not found... I repeated my unorthodox method to un and re install, but no joy this time... server not found.

I am running Win10x64 home on an intell I5.

I don\'t have much networking knowledge, so I\'m kind of in the dark here...Is there anyone out there that can help me get pointed in the right direction...?

Thx for reading,
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

22nd Jan 2019
I can\'t remember how it works but I think maybe start fsx first before running open control. No point re-installing, I\'ve not released a new version in years. Its free and I\'m afraid I can\'t support it. Sorry, but hope you can get it to work.

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