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cant connect other pilots
Shaiel Ivry

8th Nov 2018
when im up on tower i want to send to the pilots around a contact me messege and i cant\' ho to do that?
and also how to speak??
Derek Haselden
United Kingdom

10th Nov 2018
Hello Shaiel,
I don\'t know which server you are using so am unsure which speech client they are using, Teamspeak, or default FSX comms. Unless you have changed the settings in your FSX the default button to press is \'Caps Lock\' to transmit. Make sure that \'Voice\' is set higher than the other settings in \'Sound\', and of course ensure that your mic is working correctly.

To announce your ATC position open the chat box and type in: !T (along with the ICAO code, airfield, position, frequency), something like: !T EGLL Heathrow Tower 118.500. That will be added to the server robot message alerting others to you being ATC there. If you use Flight Strips your ATC position can be advertised there.

Hope this helps you to \'push tin\'!
Derek Haselden

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