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Problems with PMDG 747 at GermanFlightServer
Björn Görres

17th Dec 2017

we have a little problems with our Server. When an user is spawning the 747 from PMDG, the user is kicked out of the session with this message:

D**** is spawning PMDG_744V2_ENV PMDG_744V2_ENV IP=***.***.***.***

Our setting in the FSOpen Server 2 Software is:
Packets sent over: never
Kick talking on all Frequencies
Kick: Auto Kick Spawners
More Planes to Kick list is emtpy
Whitelist is empty and not enforced.

Why is he kicked?


Björn Görres

-German-Flight-Server- (GFS)
Derek Haselden
United Kingdom

17th Dec 2017
Hello Bjorn,
(I get this on the UK317 server.) In the \'AutoKicks\' tab of FSOpen server is a checkbox for Spawners (slightly different from Runway Guards)... If a player has got AI traffic set in their FSX their PC may try to inject AI traffic onto your server.

There is good reason to have that armed since AI traffic, like glider tugs, will be left in the server despite the player having left. The only way to flush out such aircraft is to reset FSX. But in this case tell the player to ensure he has AI (aircraft) traffic set to zero.
Derek H
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

21st Dec 2017
Yes, Derek is correct. If you let the player inject ai traffic then your server will get slower and slower as it has to transmit positional updates for all the ai to every pc connected to the session.

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