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Restricting Supersonic Military Aircraft
Dylan Savage

21st Feb 2015
hey all, I am having issues with some members using supersonic military planes. Is there a list somewhere that i can load into the FsOpen bot to auto kick these planes. And also, is there a way to have the bot kick any plane flying 250kts under 10000 feet?
Andy Mooring
United Kingdom

21st Feb 2015
Dylan, with regards to "kids?" flying military jets, not sure on the auto-kick however you CAN ban them manually by going into the player list on the chat window view on your host server (!L) find the player you want to ban (!B) and you will be troubled no more. If there is a way to do this within the server program, I'm sure someone can point this out.

As for auto-kicking players over-speeding, over-speed will happen when the aircraft needs to accend/decend in order to reach its altitude, even if the aircraft goes 1 knot over. Plus if you wanted to host a fun event where speed was relevant below 10000 feet i.e. flying 500 feet over water at 300 knots, players will think " this server :o)", otherwise without the fun side, they'll think "boring :o/" and try else-where. After all, this is only a simulator as I have pointed out to people on numerous occasions and wouldn't be worth the money you paid for without the fun element. Personally, it's an issue I wouldn't be overly worried about as it's probably an everyday occurrence that happens in the real world as well as the virtual.

Still, at the end of the day, it is your server and if Dave has any solutions for you, he'll get back to you asap.

Happy trails :o)
Dylan Savage

21st Feb 2015
That did not help in the least. I came from the ALL MIGHTY FS-MP PRO ATC server, where you HAD to file a flight plan before taxi, you got kicked for flying 250kts under 10000 and got kicked for using Supersonic Military. I miss that server a lot. Is there a way to black list all supersonic military so the bot autokicks?
Andy Mooring
United Kingdom

22nd Feb 2015

Sorry if the help I gave was not useful but that's how it is for the present time. Granted some servers have rules and if not followed, yes you get kicked. We only have 5 rules when flying in our server:

1. Must be 16 and over,

2. Follow ALL instructions given by ATC (if/when online) on TS3 ONLY

3. If ATC controlling or running an event, make yourself channel commander in TS3

4. If found to be misbehaving (upsetting other players while flying/controlling) you will be kicked/banned.

5. Cracked copies of ANY aircraft is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN as this will cause MAJOR problems for yourself (when in multi-play) AND to the server computer (trust me, I know, we've been hit a number of times)

otherwise you can do as you please hence "No politics, just flying".

With regards to blacklisting fast jets would be a massive undertaking....need to know all known add-on aircraft, create a coded list with tick boxes, then insert the list into the server software. To do all that could take weeks if not months and as the software was written by Dave, as mentioned in the previous text, it would be best to ask him if this is possible. If the other communities are in agreement with you and would also like a blacklist, again, Dave is the man to ask. He can only say no.

Besides, now that FSX Steam is underway, some hosting communities (only speculating) including yourself, may, if not already, switch to the Steam version which would then make the blacklist and quite possibly, the entire FSOpen server software, completely useless and would put you back to square 1. Then you'd have to get in touch with Steam or Dovetail Games and enquire what you seek.

To be honest, it's the player that's going to give you problems, not the aircraft and for the time being, the only way that I can think of to stop this continuing is see who, just once by mistake (if they are a genuine player), or persistently (the more likely and probably didn't go on your website and read the rules) comes onto your server with a fast jet (regardless of type) and ban that person because once you've banned that person, there IP address will be stored in your "players banned" list on the server software, THEN they will be auto-kicked should they try to join your server again. They will eventually give up trying to join and go else-where.

As for the fore-mentioned server you came from, it would never beat the likes of VATSIM (not flown on there servers and don't intend to, too serious for my liking)...THEE biggest global operating network with servers beat that would be to shut them down ha ha ha.

Anyway, must fly (lol no pun intended).

Happy trails. :o)

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