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Vince Begin
United States

18th Feb 2015
WeFly FSX has had a few mistakes and mess-ups starting off our group few being that our events and flights are not always lined up properly and may concern a few guest or members. WeFly FSX Staff has decided to change and be a more successful group within the communities. To help the our group start back up in a orderly fashion we need help of the members or the guest recieveing this email to tell us some of their thoughts and changes that would change WeFly FSX Community into a better community. All of most of these changes will be taken into consideration in changing our group some will be disscussed through the staff for further reasoning. I hope that we have not ran off you or any of the other members of our group if so please reconsider yourself.

Changes in events definitely will be considered because that is why we are here right? to have group flights and events to have fun this is a hobby and not a competition between another group to see how many people we can gather other than another group not saying any names. This is for our members and all guest to come and be a part of a group that cares about our community.

The WeFly Community has picked up a few people over the last few months that would like to bad-mouth our community and other communities throughout the FSOPEN website and others that may contain in the list of communities through other sites. This will stop now as said above there is no competition all of the communities are running the same software , Hardware , it is all about the community and how they explain their-self in what they would like to show if it be hops or it be racing through a field around lightpoles (Reno Air Races). We are all the same blood so there will be no Bad-Mouthing within any of our communities if you want to do that you can go elsewhere.

Steam Server Back Online
WeFly FSX has decided to put our Steam server back online but will need help managing it and having events there is a position open for this please consider today.

Steam Server Manager - ____________

How to fix this.
WeFly want to invite everyone possible to all the WeFly events that will be made weekly there will be an event list going up this week for everyday there will be a certain event. These events will consist of members taking part in which times the events start and finish. Below i have posted a list of staff that take a part in the wefly team we do need staff members to apply to keep the community running in a finely manner all of the blanks below that do not have a name is an open spot for anyone the age of atleast 17yo please help us out members and accept us as your own.

Owner - ZK-Bob
Owner - *Vince

Forums Admin - Articus
Forums Admin - Jay EAS29X
Forums Admin - ___________

TS3 STAFF - Ray {TownDogTenn}
TS3 STAFF - *Vince
TS3 STAFF - ___________
TS3 STAFF - ___________

ATC Controller - __________
ATC Controller - __________
ATC Controller - __________

Rotocraft Wing Admin - ___________

Events Manager - _____________

Steam Server Manager - ____________

**All of the above positions with a blank beside them are available please please please consider helping our community.

Teamspeak Information has changes so if you do not have the following address as your bookmark please change it to have ease of accessing it

Teamspeak Address :

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