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WEFLY Old Aircraft Flight #1
Vince Begin
United States

11th Nov 2014

The Aircaft is a WILGA, and comes from Aerosoft.

This flight is for small GA aircraft, prewar, hopefully, if you cannot do that, any GA will do, Single engined, please.

Where? Well, Lets think about that... Small slow aircraft, we dont want to spend all day now, do we?

We are going to UTAH for a few legs. No, it WONT be all day,

KICKOFF will be 3PM EST Wednesday 12th Movembre
lasting for some 230 miles. More will be available if the attendees want to go on.

You MUST have teamspeak.
We have disabled FSX in-game comms, they are unreliable at best.

See the very first post in the forum for directions to connect to our FSX server
Teamspeak WeFly address is
Lastly, as always, I have certain standards of behaviour and rules.

Forbidden topics...
Religion - See you religious advisor, NOT in here.
Politics - take it outside of this teamspeak.
Other peoples wives

thats pretty much it, Enjoy and tell us where and what you would like to fly

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