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New A2A Aircraft - C182 Skylane
Joe Clifford
United Kingdom

9th Nov 2014
Evening All,

For those that are interested in GA Aircraft. A2A (the PMDG standard of GA modelling) have released a 'First Look' video of their Cessna 182 Skylane. Its 18 minutes but, in my opinion, well worth the watch!

It's certainly very informative. They show you how they cunducted real world tests and used the collected data to construct their physics module in order to make it as realistic as possible.

Apparently its close to release, so its something to look forward to!

David Bartlam
United Kingdom

9th Nov 2014
Thanks Joe, fab video
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

15th Nov 2014
Joe... What can I say!!! It took me 20 mins to start it up as I didn't prime it correctly, which has to be done via mixture and fuel pump, not by a prime switch.

Flight dynamics are fantastic, the sounds are completely flawless. You get a fantastic whoosh sound when changing the throttle, when applying maximum yaw whilst in flight who h coincides with the experience Ted violent turn and wing dip...

Well worth the $49.99. Highly recommend it. I've been flying it around St brats and Julianna and I just don't think I'll get bored

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