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Hosting P3D V 2.4 question
John Katick
United States

17th Oct 2014
Is there an update to FSopen server to list P3D session?
What is required?
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

17th Oct 2014
The standard server works with fsx and P3D
John Katick
United States

18th Oct 2014
Obviously I am doing something wrong. when I activate FSopen
it will only connect with FSX. I don't see where I can make P3D default...Would WinPcap be the problem?
Tim Walters
United Kingdom

19th Oct 2014
I am guessing you are running FSX AND P3D at the same time on the same system?

To correct Dave's response slightly - The standard server works with FSX OR P3D...

Robert Dunn
United States
21st Oct 2014
Please, John Katick, if you successfully list an FSOpen Server2 listed P3Dv2 session, we will come. The community based multiplayer flight simming world NEEDS a host server.

Please make sessions public. Please attempt 24/7/365 operation. Several of us have tried to present such a P3Dv2 server with mixed results. Historically, the server and the programs work fine but the platform has yet to gain the critical mass of pilots to make such a server worth the effort. Please try for all of us again to present such a public server. If you build it, they will come.

At the time of my post, I see Atpjet / Nevada Air listed under free SFOpen licence as running a Prepar3D v2.4 server. Having that v2.4 freshly and completely reinstalled, I believe I'll go fly Nevada Air's P3Dv2 server for a while, experimentally. I've just this moment registered and joined Nevada Air's community website.

Respects, Bob...

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