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Getting FSOPEN Server online
Peter Heaven
United Kingdom
8th Oct 2014
Hello all - I have at last ventured into 'online' with FSX - I have managed to setup the FSOPEN server and within my own LAN all is well - I could do with some help on the getting of the FSOPEN server 'online' please
Do I need to change any setting to the router or do I just use the address presented on the 'server computer'?
Do I need a web page ? I see there is a box for it in the setup ? and last I seem to be able to use Teamspeak OK already What is the box referring too with the Teamspeak address in the setup for the FSopen server - Sorry its a lot - Many thanks Peter
Tony Koskinen

8th Oct 2014
Hosting your own FSX server and making it successful is a very, very hard Job. That's why I don't do it.
anyway, here are the basic requirements:
- Good Hardware (Processor, Graphics card, etc.)
- FSX Tweaked for a server (minimalistic mode, no addons, etc.)
- A very fast internet (or players will lag / drop a lot)
- No Firewall blocking or limiting your connection in any way. (can be dangerous when on private network)
- Ports forwarded (NAT) on your Router, Modem, and Server PC.
- paid Website / Teamspeak server, not hosted on the FSX server PC.

Those would be my basic requirements, without them, you probably won't have a chance running a successful server, but then again that's my opinion on the matter.
As for the teamspeak box, that's for the server client to connect up with your TS server, allowing the server to move clients into specific frequency channels when tuned into in FSX.
Hope I could help you out there! :)
Peter Heaven
United Kingdom
10th Oct 2014
Many thanks for that - I have got it all to work I think Just need a visitor to test the host address some time - It really is aimed at a oldies small aircraft from UK strips to share a bit of fun during the daytime - Being retired it tends to pass the time with a bit of a learning curve built in - Again my thanks
Peter Heaven
United Kingdom
21st Oct 2014
Hello - Still venturing into the online server for a few friends - I can open the FSopen server and be listed - No problem with that side and also fly two/three of us on a local network
Question is - during the FSX multiplayer setup I can connect only to local network ? If I have the FSopen server open does this mean I am connected to the net and can disregard the Gamespy/Internet option in the FSX setup - Many thanks - Peter
Tim Walters
United Kingdom

26th Oct 2014
'Local Network' in FSX means ANY network now.

Since the demise of GameSpy, your 'Local Network' could/would actually be your public IP address.

So - anyone connecting to your session over the internet would put YOUR Public IP into THEIR 'Local Network' box.

If YOU put YOUR public IP into YOUR 'Local Network' box, it would likely fail as you are trying to access your session in, what effectively is, a loopback...

Anything relating to 'Gamespy' should be ignored.

Hope this helps - might sound a bit confusing!!

Peter Heaven
United Kingdom
2nd Nov 2014
Thanks for that Tim - Yes your right it seems confusing - OK I have the setup all running on local net twix two machines - It is also listed in the FSOPEN sessions but I have not had any luck with Son far away connecting (or anyone else) - I have been told that I need to apply 'port forwarding' ? Is this the case ? If it is listed in the FSOPEN sessions is that not a gateway to / from my machine - Many thanks - Peter

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