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Dakoda Neilson
United States

10th Jul 2014

After two months of dedicated effort, we are announcing the launch of Flyrz, a multiplayer aviation community for virtual pilots to share their passion for flight. Flyrz is primarily focused on Flight Simulator X however, we have plans to support Microsoft Flight, and can support Prepar3D 2.X. Although, we feel it is not really about what simulator we fly on, it is more about building a community of pilots, we want to foster growth and expand the knowledge of aviation with in our members as well as the virtual aviation community as a whole.

Flyrz will have community flights weekly posted by its members as well as a PHPvms Virtual Airline. ATC is also on the way as we pick up more members. So swing by and put a plane up in our server or this Sunday at 9 PM EDT (GMT-4) for our Inaugural Flight in Brazil. Join us in the Lockheed Orion or a plane of your choice (180-190 knots recommended) as we fly the coast of Brazil on our way to Rio De Janeiro.

Join us at
Teamspeak 3-
FSX Server-

If you have any questions about flyrz email me at or post on the website.

Special thanks to Robert Dunn 2, for helping us out with a FSX server while we get a foothold and to Sporadic Gamerz for hosting us.

Flyrz is part of the Sporadic Gamerz network. Sporadic Gamerz is a place where gamers of all types and all games can get together and have fun. Sporadic Gamerz currently supports and has facility’s for Garry’s Mod, Arma 2, World of Tanks, Hawken and much more.
Robert Dunn
United States
10th Jul 2014
May I personally welcome you to the ranks of the flight sim communities listed here in FSopen, Flyingdreamz and I'm happy to help your fledgling community in any way I can as is my history and custom within the wider flight sim world.

I am continually grateful to Sporadic Gamerz for hosting the community on their TeamSpeak during our recent and lengthy TeamSpeak outage.

I will attend your inagural flight this Sunday evening EDT. I love your selection of the Lockheed Orion 9 as a featured aircraft on this flight. I will be attending your group flight in the very popular edition of this freeware plane available from Storm's OneDrive. I am very impressed with your website layout.

Respects, Bob...

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