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Session Data for your website
Joe Clifford
United Kingdom

7th Jul 2014
Hi All,

I've noticed recently an increasing number of forum posts in which people are asking if its possible to display FSOpen Session information on your website.

Currently, you have available to you, IP Address, Maps and Flight Plans.

I have spoken to Dave, who has allowed me to share this with you.

I have created (yesterday) a tool that enables you to generate a table that contains your session data.

It will generate something that looks like this:

If you would like to create one then you will need to insert the following link into your website as an iFrame. Replace the XXXX with your session ID. If you wish to change the width from 100% then you can do. (If you do not use a percentage then you must insert 'px')

All of this data & more is available to anyone in a RAW form from Dave, however, a knowledge of json & PHP is required in order to turn it into something useful.

One thing that I ask is that you do not cut the iFrame is to remove the credits at the bottom. I will remove access to this tool for any server that is seen to do this.

Hopefully you will make use of this tool!

Any Questions, just ask.

Robert Dunn
United States
7th Jul 2014
Thanks from all of us, Joe. This looks like a useful tool and you know I admire your work on behalf of the flight simming world. I will propose that we try this out. I'll review several old emails in which you described your previous work. Let's stay in touch.

Thanks, Dave Wave, for the permissions and of course the initial data Joe elegantly displays.

Respects, Bob...
David Figge
United States

7th Jul 2014
That looks great Joe. Thanks for sharing it with the community.

Dave - RealFsx would be interested in the json & PHP for RAW data if possible. I've tried getting the data with simconnect without any success. This would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Tim Walters
United Kingdom

8th Jul 2014
The JSON data has been available for as long as I can remember and is what the FSXEU APAMS system is based upon.

See: for an example of our system, which is available as a subscription.


Dakoda Neilson
United States

12th Jul 2014
At we are now using this on our homepage in place of the map and flight plans list. We are very happy with it, Thank you Joe.

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