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FSXWorldwide - Important Changes
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

16th Jun 2014
As of this weekend, FSXWorldwide will be under new ownership.

Recently with my work commitments and now with the very exciting news that myself and my partner are expecting our first child, it's been extremely difficult for me to dedicate the time to run and manage the FSX Worldwide community. With myself being moved to a new military base and expecting my first little one, I am no longer able to put the time, commitment nor dedication into the running of the server and the airline.

To that note, I would like to announce that James Beaumont and Patrick Burkart have kindly stepped forward to take on the running of the server and the airline. Together with the staff team, I am confident that these two guys will be able to pick up where I have left off, and will be able to continue offering a first class server with first class training.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my staff members at FSXWorldwide, most notably Patrick, James, Ed and Graeme who have been with me ever since the first day and have helped me to create a popular platform where people come to learn on a daily basis. I'd also like to thank Dave for the service he has offered and to all the other communities at FSOpen for the support shown over the last year.

I'd also like to take the time to mention FSOpen/BVA/FSXMultiplay for not only giving me the opportunity to see how awesome FSX can be, but also teaching me some of the basic skills needed to take into a real world cockpit.

The computer and flight sim setup will be packed neatly away within the next few weeks until I've reached a stage where I can dedicate some time to getting back into it, and indeed resuming my own personal PPL training.

Thanks for a good few years FSOpens... Until next time, take care

Geoff Server
United Kingdom

16th Jun 2014
Hi David,
Congrats on the expected new arrival I hope everything goes OK and pass on my best wishes to your better half.. You thought that running an FSX Server was hard work and time consuming you wait, for the night feeds!
Best of luck to James and Patrick, grey hairs on the horizon for you guys soon like all of us that run FSX Servers!
Gain best wishes Dave and hope everything goes well for you and your family.
Geoff Server

Joe Clifford
United Kingdom

16th Jun 2014
Congratulations to yourself, David and, of course, the Mrs.

You have done very well to bring 'FSXWorldwide' to where it is today. Your ethos and management style is exactly what a community requires and this has been proven by the success of worldwide.

Good luck to those taking over, I'm sure they will continue to run a tight ship.

Good luck with the PPL, keep in touch!

All the best!
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

16th Jun 2014
Congrats to you and the boss :)

Believe me, I know how much time it takes to run a flight sim group and understand your choice!
Robert Dunn
United States
17th Jun 2014
The flight simming world is better for your extensive and lengthy efforts, David. We pilots all owe you and those who will follow you in FSXWorldwide management a debt of gratitude.

I have immensely enjoyed working with you towards the common good in the past. I join the others posting here in offering up my congratulations to you and your partner in this joyous news you share with us here.

Take care, my friend. Do good.

Respects, Bob...
Robert Cohen

17th Jun 2014
Congrats on your going out to the real world and to your new baby. EasternHops wishes you well and are sure that your new team will keep your community going well again congratulations!!

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