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??KATL Virtual??
Hansel Jackson
United States

13th Jun 2014

KATL Virtual (Virtual Atlanta-Hartsfield Jackson Airport)
is here to bring realism to the players of FSOpen we are
not here for competition we are here for reputation so
that we can or may see what we may be the affect on
Microsoft Flight Simulator X Multiplayer. KATL Virtual brings ATC to players as well as training sessions to players who do not know Air Traffic But want to join it is all free and free to join and play we are also integrating virtual Landmark aviation to players who would like to be a part of a Fixed based operation. All of our servers stay open to our players 24/7 and our teamspeak is open to anyone who wants to stop by remember though all atc transmissions go through our teamspeak 3 server our address to get into our teamspeak 3 is make sure to come by and visit us. come join a multiplayer of a life-time.

Teamspeak 3 Address :

Website Address :

FSOpen Address :

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