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Open Control - some questions from a new user
Simon White
9th Jun 2014
I have just stumbled across Open Control and have experimenting with some radio functionality via Ipad.
Great tool BTW :)

Some questions for the experts please:

1. I am replicating the PMDG 737NGX radio stack. There appears to be a difference in how comms frequency 'fractions' are handled. PMDG appears to be simply dropping the digits after 2 decimal places -- e.g. 123.456 becomes 123.45.
Whereas Open control is rounding it off - so 123.456 would become 123.46. So the PMDG FSX panel display is showing different values than Open Control's web page. I have changed Open Control to show 3 decimal places but not as nice.
My question: Is there any way to alter the maths rounding function in Open Control to simply drop the extra digits - per how PMDG is doing it? Maybe a future enhancement?

2. Is there any way to change the Font the variable is displayed in?

3. Is there any way to use a rotary button to change the Comm frequencies? The Binding list doesn't show it - like push button does.

Dave Wave
United Kingdom

9th Jun 2014
Hi Simon, I wrote open control 3 years ago, I thought it would be popular but it never gained enough interest to market commercially. As such I doubt I'll ever get round to making your suggestions.

However, I've left it as a free download for everyone to use.
Simon White
10th Jun 2014
Hi Dave

Thanks for the feedback.
Pity - very useful tool which I plan to use a lot for my ipad.


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