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Boeing 737 QNH update (Question?)
Richard Coton
United Kingdom

3rd May 2014
Hello All,

On this page of the website, you make it clear that only one line of code in one file has been modified to correct this obvious mistake, however I am someone who likes to modify the default planes quite a lot, and this being in a .cab file is a real pain, I've tried extracting it into a folder and trying to merge the bits I want to, but it always seems to overwrite the fix. I was wondering if its possible to paste the modified line here and exactly what file its located in, then I could try adding all the fixes I want to, rather than picking and choosing, thanks.
Tim Walters
United Kingdom

11th May 2014
The question in simpler terms: what line(s) of code needs to be edited.
Richard Coton
United Kingdom

29th Jun 2014
Richard Coton
United Kingdom

1st Aug 2014
Is it really that hard to find one line of code that it takes 3 MONTHS plus to answer this thread?
Joe Clifford
United Kingdom

5th Aug 2014

"Is it really that hard to find one line of code that it takes 3 MONTHS plus to answer this thread?" - Please don't take offence, Richard, however, you're opening yourself up with this statement as to why you didn't/couldn't find it yourself.

Non the less, I decided to have a look for you. I found that within pfd.xml, there is an element titled - "Baro Readout"

I would imagine that the string that needs replacing is:

<GaugeString>%((A:Kohlsman setting hg,inHg))%!6.2f! IN.</GaugeString>

It needs changing to:

<GaugeString>%((A:Kohlsman setting hg,mbar))%!d! MB.</GaugeString>

There may be more lines that need changing, I'm not sure, but that's my guess.


Richard Coton
United Kingdom

8th Aug 2014
Hello Joe,

On closer analysis of the aforementioned file. It does appear as this is the 'single line' referred to by the download. I have tried playing around with many files since I originally posted this and I did coincidentally find that very line by luck. Thanks for your reply and although I found the answer to this question, I still find it frustrating that after 3 months of being live, this thread remained unanswered. One would've thought someone would've had a record of changes and would therefore not need to self-investigate. As stated above. I did find this line and change it accordingly. But I am disappointed that this thread was not answered/(ignored?) by fsopen staff despite being their own fix. Thanks anyway.

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