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Unable to resolve Host name ?
Robert Cohen

25th Apr 2013

I am getting thos error when I start the admin panel what can i do to fix it please ?

ps the counter on the panel is awesome thanks

Robert ceo/EasternHops
Joe Clifford
United Kingdom

25th Apr 2013
You should have in there ""

Make sure you Do Not have the port on the end!

Unless you have changed the QueryPort it will be 10011. Don't get this confused with your TS3 server port (in your case '4200')

I have typed your TS3 address into my copy of FSOpen Server and it works fine.

Obviously I get an error about the incorrect username and password because I don't have an account but if the host name was wrong that error would appear first.

If you want me to pop onto your ts3 then let me know


Robert Cohen

26th Apr 2013
just restarted server and it worked thanks
Mick Partington
United Kingdom

18th Jun 2016
Old Post :)

But I have same problem, port 10011
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

19th Jun 2016
No DNS record exists for
If you know the ip address of the ts server use that instead.
Mick Partington
United Kingdom

19th Jun 2016
Thanks Dave, IP works :) :)

Just struggling with invalid login details,

Have gone to server query port, and tells me to use the name "Careless Operators" and then gives me a password,

Should it be
USERid = Careless Operators
Password = autogenerated

Thank You

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