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The Dreaded "Cannot create connection to host"
Scott McGilvery
United Kingdom

12th Jun 2017
Hi there,

New member looking to take on FSX in multiplayer mode but stumbling at the first hurdle. I've tried absolutely everything I can think of other than completely wiping my entire system and starting again (really don't want to do that).

So, here is what I have so far...

Windows Firewall - Disabled
Avast Firewall - Disabled
Router - Set to DMZ for my IP.
(I know this is unsafe, I was troubleshooting)

Network Settings:
Port Range - 6112-6122 (I've tried 6112-6112 as others had success)
Voice Compression - I cannot change this from 24.000kbps
Voice communication - Enabled
Connection timeout - 90
Keep alive - 15

I then select LAN, type in my name, click sign in then click "Connect Directly". I type in one of the current IP connects which at the moment is I click "Find Sessions" but I immediately get "Cannot create connection to host".

I've tried completely uninstalling FSX which made no difference. I'm not really sure what else to try.

Scott McGilvery
United Kingdom

12th Jun 2017
I may have answered my own question. After typing in "FSX steam and FSOPEN" I have found a few links where it's stated that the SE of FSX doesn't work with FSOpen. That's a bit of a bummer as I liked the idea of the community here. Surprised not to see that mentioned in the quick setup guide though. Has something changed to allow it now?
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

12th Jun 2017
Sorry Scott, I can't support steam edition as dovetail games changed how multiplayer worked and don't want to share the information with anyone.
Björn Görres

3rd Jul 2017
If you replace the api.dll ; fsui.dll and main.dll in your FSX-Steam folder with the api.dll, fsui.dll an main.dll from the "old" FSX (for example from the DVD), you can use FS-Open Multiplayer in the FSX-Steam Edition.
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

4th Jul 2017
Is this true Bjorn? Would love this to be true. Anyone want to test it?
Björn Görres

5th Jul 2017
We had one User here at the GFS Server who used this method, I can´t test it myself because I don´t own FSX-Steam Edition.
David Figge
United States

6th Jul 2017
Dave - just tried what Bjorn wrote in his post. It does not work. If you replace the api, fsui and main dll files FSX Steam version will crash. It was worth a try
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

7th Jul 2017
Thought it was too good to be true, thanks for testing David

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