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FSOpen for phpvms
Vince Begin
United States

11th Jun 2017
Vince Begin
United States

19th Jun 2017
Posting this originally from my cell phone an meant to come back and edit a few things to tell you about the module.

This version of the module is for anyone running phpvms version 5.5x from david(simpilot) not the original from naabel.

This module will add a page for a map the online buttons and a list of the players to the page all that has to be done is upload the files occordingly... to the folders they belong and upload the sql file to the root of your database change your host id in the admin settings of phpvms and it will update everything else on its own this module is really good if you have multiple fsopen servers but only have one running at a time instead of having to edit the full html code you just change the host id. i hope all of this comes together and makes sense if not just reply to this post and i will help to my best of knowledge thanks everyone and especially dave wave for a great community !

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