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64 bit version of P3D released today
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

30th May 2017
Finally we have a 64 bit version of fsx. This is really important as it means fsx is no longer constrained by a 2GB memory limit.

This video demonstrates the difference between p3d version 3 and 4. Note if you are running fsx then p3d is already a lot faster than fsx std/steam edition.

Prepare offer a free 9 day trial. Please give it a go and let me know what you think. If enough of you decide to buy it I'll make it work with fsopen.

Let me know what you think please.
David Figge
United States

31st May 2017
Dave - sounds good. Where did you find the 9 day trial? I scanned through their site but did not see the trial offered.
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

31st May 2017
I read it of another forum, I think it might have applied to the previous version as I can't see it on the P3D site either. However, they do have a 60 day refund policy so if your're not happy with the upgrade you can ask for your money back.
Geoff Server
United Kingdom

11th Jul 2017
It is stunning PMDG aircraft 777 and new 747 work like a treat.
SDK is very interesting (Dave come on get your coding hat back on) and Multiplayer, all be it, a brief look at it, seem to be really playable as ATC or Pilot.
Trust you are keeping well Dave?

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