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Open Control - Server started, can't connect.
Johnny Diek
United States

25th Sep 2016
Hello all:

I would first like to say that I love the idea of FSOpen, though I have yet to get any flying time with it. Keep up the good work and thank you for keeping this multiplayer alive!

To the reason of the post - as the subject says: I installed Open Control, downloaded the "737big.ctrl" test file, but I can't connect to it via any interface. Both FSX and Web Server read "On Line" but I can't make any connection from my tablet, phone, laptop, or computer running Open Control (with localhost,, and Local Address). I'm not sure what the issue could be. I ran Open Control after a reboot, Skype was not running, Apache/MySQL were not running either. I also used "netstat -a -b" in an elevated command prompt to determine if Open Control was bound to a port other than 80 to no avail.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for making your software and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Thank you,

Dave Wave
United Kingdom

25th Sep 2016
You need to connect using the local ip of your pc, normally this would start 192.168.

Secondly make sure your firewall allows connections to port 80 tcp on your pc

Johnny Diek
United States

25th Sep 2016
Alas, after a few starts and debugging I found the issue! Open Control bound itself to another network adapter. After a few starts of the program and my computer, I noticed Open Control will choose one of the 3 of the VPN adapters and not my LAN adapter.

Is there any way to force Open Control to use a specific adapter?

Another question related to Open Control, do maps have to have there own control file separate from everything else?

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