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Can't change TS3 channels by tuning COM1 in FSX
Robert Jones
United States
5th Sep 2016
I fly on and I used to be able to change channels in Teamspeak 3 by tuning my COM1 radio in the game. Now that doesn't work...I checked with other players on the server and they don't have any issues.

I've tried both addon aircraft and default FSX aircraft, disabled the Windows firewall and anti-virus. I could troubleshoot some network stuff but I don't know how the communication between the two takes place.

How can I go about figuring this out? I've got a slew of addons so I'm wondering if something is blocking or hooking the messages. e.g. FSUIPC, Rex, FTX Global, F1 GTN 750 GPS...I typically fly a RealAir Legacy. I'm running the most recent TS3.

Robert Jones
United States
5th Sep 2016
Well, RealFSX is a Pro version server but apparently they don't have the TS3 Autochanger enabled per the session list.

At least I haven't lost my mind yet...and I'm glad none of my addons caused issues -I was able to connect and try things out on "GermanFlightServer" that shows the feature is enabled and it worked just fine.

Tim Walters
United Kingdom

7th Sep 2016
For anyone using a server that does not support auto frequency changing, please check out:

This is a TeamSpeak plugin that uses FSUIPC to switch your channels automatically.

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