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Plan de vol dans FS OPEN
Michel Rey

29th Jul 2015
Pourquoi quand nous sommes l'hôte de la session, nous ne pouvons pas créer de plan de vol dans fs open, et nous ne nous voyons pas également dans la liste des pilotes.
Je crois que quand on paie on s'attend à un minimum de fonctionnement ou alors c'est de l'arnaque.
Andy Mooring
United Kingdom

30th Jul 2015

Firstly, your probably NOT running a second designated computer, with the server software on it, to host your sessions. Running a server from one computer DOES NOT WORK which is why your not seeing your session on the list of hosting servers.

Secondly, to make the comment "I think when you are expected to pay a minimum operating or it's a scam" is completey out of order and could jeopardize all future releases of the software.

Dave did not put the time and effort in creating something to keep the FSX multiplay community going after the demise of Gamespy since 2009, and not get anything back in return i.e. a small fee. Some things don't always come for free but to say that this could be a scam is disrespectful and could damage the reputation of the creator, the software and the community. I personally don't know Dave all that well except through FSX but what he's done for us is nothing short of brilliance. However, for one person to presume this could be a scam, angers me...I can't speak for anyone else, but if they feel the same as I do then that would be up to them to speak up.

If this is how strongly you feel about the matter, my advice to you would be to find another hosting operator (i.e. VATSIM, FSX STEAM) and ask for your FSOpen account to be deleted, OR apologise to Dave and the community for your outburst.

Your decision.

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