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Can i run a server on VPS?
Dylan Zeep

2nd May 2015
Hello guys can i server on a VPS?
and how much RAM is required?
Joe Clifford
United Kingdom

2nd May 2015
Hi Dylan,

To run FSX you will need a video card. It's unlikely that your VPS will have one.

Let's assume that is does, then it'll also need to be running windows as FSX can't be installed (correctly anyway) into a Linux Machine.

Hope that answers your question

Dylan Zeep

2nd May 2015
sorry but how can i host one? 24/7 and are there other programs to run it ? and yes my VPS has Windows 2008
Tim Walters
United Kingdom

5th May 2015
Hi Dylan

I see you are from the Netherlands - IF you are using WorldStream (in the Netherlands) as your provider you should not have any problems UNLESS the machine they have provided does not have a suitable video card.

Some cajoling on your part may encourage them to add up a video card.

My FSX VPSs are with Worldstream and they have upgraded the card three times on three different machines to a NVIDIA GTX 650.

Some staff say it can't be done - some staff go right ahead and do it.

For info: I'm running FSX hosts on G1620's @ 2.70 GHz with 2GB RAM on each. These machines are on the 'Specials' section at WorldStream.

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