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Problème Flight Plan
Jean Pierre Mignan

17th Apr 2015
Hello Dave,

First of all thank you for your work for us.

I come to you a problem Flight Plan that shows me this:
"Error: Can not find you in Any of our sessions, Try refreshing After You-have joined"

I refreshed with the button for this purpose, but no change.
but it works for pilot customers who can put the flight plan via my website with their machine and it works for them but not for me and yet it is on my website.
I do not see the problem.

Thank you for your intervention.

Dave respect
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

17th Apr 2015
If you are running the session in your own network I cannot match the IP address to your session. Please use pilot assistant or !F chat command if you want to make a plan.
Jean Pierre Mignan

18th Apr 2015
Hello Dave
Thank you for your reply, yes I use my service with my IP network for connecting the server Fsx.
I thought it was a network conflict problem because the Flight Plan works perfectly for my clients who are logged in line with their personal computer.
I will use the wizard pilot of me or the chat command!F
Thank you very much Dave.
Jean Pierre

I also take this opportunity to ask you if you would like to spend the little logos plane to live map finest blue color, I change the icons with photoshop plane 360 °.

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