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WeFly FSX Public Flight - WWII Fighters and NightFighters - 7pm EST 3/29/15 - Everyone Welcome
Vince Begin
United States

29th Mar 2015
World War TWO Fighters and Nightfighters

The PLAN is, anything that saw combat before Wars end,  so,

BEFORE 2 September 1945

Fighters and night fighters.

Freeware, payware default, up to you.

NO A2A enhancements please, packet rates go over 1500and I will throw Vince at you. That will  just HAVE to hurt, he is a BIIIIG unit. So there you go.

Where? hmmm thinking about that... Some place where there's lots of airports, we don't want to fly long distance in these things.

How about... Somewhere in Idaho.... Small grass  strips, tough entries, lots of laughs and good fun.

Usual start of 7PM EST

Usual code of behaviour.

Flight Plan is in Teamspeak.

ALL pilots must be in Teamspeak

Server will be restarted around 6:45 PM EST at  MISSOULA.

See you in the Morn's morn

Teamspeak Address :

FSX Server IP :


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