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FSX does not see local fsopen server
Rob Bindels

9th Mar 2015

I have been looking on this forum, for quite a while, but could not find the answer.
I have installed FSopen server on my laptop.
And started FSX on my pc.

Via the multiplayer I typed in the ip adress from the laptops wifi and also tried the network ip, but fsx does not seem to see the FSopen server.

I have fsx installed, including sp2. And disabled the firewall on my laptop.
I have not opened any ports in the router yet, As I would like to test it locally.

I have thought of installing, FSX and start a multiplayer session from there, but that seems silly, as fsx should not do the job for FSopen, I think.

But what do I do wrong then?

Greetings, and thanking in advance,

Dave Wave
United Kingdom

9th Mar 2015
FSopen runs alongside fsx server and adds functionality that isn't in the standard game.
Rob Bindels

9th Mar 2015
Ow, ok.
Not sure what to think of it.

Buit will give it a go.


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