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Can't get connected to Teamspeak2
Martyn Geddes
United Kingdom
28th Feb 2015
Hi Guys, I've just registered with FSopen but having downloaded the Pilot Assistant Ver 1.34 and TeamSpeak 2 I can't get connected to access the 'New Player only-No voice' room.

The 'Pilot' guide in the website tells me to 'Run the teamspeak software and click on the Join Server page on the password page on the FSopen web site (you will need to log back in if you have closed your web browser previously)', however when I open the passwords page I don't see any link or button to Join the Server.
I am logged in to the website when I try this.
Can anyone give me some advise please.
Many thanks, Martyn.
Andy Mooring
United Kingdom

28th Feb 2015
Hi Martyn.

Most, if not all hosting servers, are running TeamSpeak 3 these days, however some are still using FSX comms. I would suggest uninstalling TeamSpeak 2, download TeamSpeak 3, find the hosting server or website your going to join/fly in, take down their TeamSpeak and server I.P. address and you should be good to go.

Andy (

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