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Change TS3 Autochanger query name
Kishshey Senanayake
Sri Lanka

18th Feb 2015
Is it possible to change the Nickname of the query that FSOpen uses for the Autochanger
Joe Clifford
United Kingdom

19th Feb 2015
Hi Kishshey,

The nickname used is that of the member who greats the ServerQueryUser.

So, set your own Nickname to whatever you want the Autochangers nickname to be, then create a New Server Query User.

That will then use that nickname... Or atleast it did.

Kishshey Senanayake
Sri Lanka

19th Feb 2015
Hello joe,
Yes I tried it and it's working
Thanks a lot
Martin Desormeaux

10th Mar 2015
Salut comment on se connecte au server Fsopen avec teamspeak 3 ?

et quel est l'adresse pour TS3 ?

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