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FSX Steam addon aircraft/scenery software update thread.
Geoff Server
United Kingdom

2nd Jan 2015
Hi all,
Thought it might be a good to have a dedicated post for everyone to use to update any news on add-on aircraft/ scenery, users have tried in the FSX Steam platform for general information to anyone interested.
Geoff S
Geoff Server
United Kingdom

2nd Jan 2015

Carenado SR22T
Installed OK and all seems to work OK.
Did some circuits and bumps with it all seemed good and fame rate improvement over standard FSX. However, this was with default FSX scenery only.
Richard Coton
United Kingdom

10th Jan 2015
JustFlight VFR Real Scenery Vol1-4 are fully functional.
JustFlight Flying Club Warrior is fully functional
are all functional.
UK2000 VFR Airfields Vol1-3 + Common Libraries are fully functional.
All the above require redirection to FSX Steam Directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX
kACARS seems to work.
vPilot Seems to work. (Hence VATSIM)
Plan-G Seems to work.
FSUIPC seems to work. (

Call signs/Squawk Ident/ATC Upgrades/737&747QNH Modifier are all functional.

Some of the above require the SimConnect Fix here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\LegacyInterfaces\FSX-XPACK\SimConnect.msi

**IMPORTANT NOTE: I have wiped my system and installed FSX:SE Fresh with the Addons above, I CANNOT install FSX:O from discs as it only allows 'repair'/'remove' options, it seems FSX:SE is compatible with EXISTING FSX:O but cannot be installed FIRST as does not seem to work the other way around...**
Geoff Server
United Kingdom

29th Jan 2015
PMDG 777
Installed OK
Tested and seems to work great.

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