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ATC Event TODAY 12/12 2000z (MSFLIGHTS.NET Servers)
Andy Roo
United Kingdom

12th Dec 2014
We see lots of events for pilots but I've yet to come across an ATC Event.
It's also rare as a pilot in FSX to get an Air Traffic Service all the way along your route from departure to destination.

An ATC event can do this with the right amount of pilots and controllers.

So here is an ATC Event hosted on the servers, starting TODAY at 2000z.

We need not only Air Traffic Controllers but also Pilots to make this work.
This could be your chance to say hello to people from other communities too as the Pilots do in their group flights.

Again BOTH Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers are needed.

Full details can be found on the Msflights forums

But basically this is a seasonal Christmas Lapland ATC event.
There will be numerous Towers controlled and an FIR (Finland Center) covering the upper airspace.
Thus Tower will hand you over to the FIR on departure and the FIR will hand you over to the destination Tower on arrival.
Both VFR and IFR are welcome.
All aircraft are welcome.
Pilots of all abilities are welcome.

Simple joining Instructions.....

Connect to the the MSFlights Teamspeak 3 server using as the IP.
Connect to the MSFlights FSX server using IP
You will find the ATC channels halfway down the Teamspeak 3 list.
Move between the channels to contact the different controllers.

This is not an attempt to say join MSFlights it's better than everybody else.
This is an attempt to try and get a few decent pilots and Controllers together, so we can all have a good decent session whatever server we are all on.

I hope to see a few new names joining the event and I encourage other groups to organize cross community ATC events also.


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