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WeFly FSX - Event Everyone Welcome TODAY! (12/11/14)
Vince Begin
United States

11th Dec 2014
Hello simmers i will post below about our event for tonight 12/11/14. everyone is welcome to come (public). Jet Hops everyone can fly their favorite payware aircraft pmdg always supported at "WeFly FSX". Come join the fun all players may join the server even if you dont join the event there is teamspeak and fsx server details below.

Teamspeak address
FSX Server IP :

Santiago to Valdivia SCEL.G551.T105.SCVD (400.3 nm)
Valdivia to Balmaceda SCVD.T100.T102.SCBA (383.4 nm)
Balmaceda to Punta Arenas SCBA.G550.SCCI (428.2 nm)
Punta Arenas to Port Stanley SCCI.VA570.W54.SFAL (533.4 nm)
Port Stanley to Comodoro Rivadavia SFAL.SAVC (524.3 nm)
Comodoro Rivadavia to Viedma Gobernador Castello SAVC.W18.SAVV (355.6 nm)
Viedma Gobernador Castello to Mar Del Plata SAVV.W33.SAZM (307.8 nm)
Mar Del Plata to Buenos Aires SAZM.W29.SAEZ (210.8 nm)
Buenos Aires to Artigas SAEZ.A306.A556.W15.SUAG (433 nm)
Artigas to Paraguay SUAG.SGAS (323.2 nm)
Paraguay to Tarija SGAS.A556.SLTJ (486.5 nm)
Tarija to La Paz SLTJ.W2.SLLP (391.1 nm)

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