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WeFly FSX - Event
Vince Begin
United States

7th Dec 2014
This will be an ongoing series of flights that will take us to all corners of the world.
We are going to break the multitude of flights into easily flown (Yeah, RIGHT!!!) legs or sessions lasting just a few legs.
Length (per leg) will vary from approx 300miles for jets to a just a few miles for Staggerwings.

Soooo when will we start this? Why, dear reader, TODAY!!!! (12/7/14)

Kickoff has been moved forward to 3PM EST which translates to 9AM New Zealand standard time.

The following are the first few legs.

Barrow to Point Hope PABR.G16.B2.B5.PAPO (275.9 nm)
Point Hope to Tin City PAPO.V531.V401.B8.PATC (289.1 nm)
Tin City to Hooper Bay TNC.B2.V350.V385.PAHP (287.9 nm)
Hooper Bay to Cape Newenham PAHP.V319.R50.B7A.PAEH (331.2 nm)
Cape Newenham to King Salmon PAEH.V462.V453.PAKN (181.7 nm)

I include this for your info only, as each leg will be published with whatever navaids are available on the Wefly Hopper.
For those few who don't know what this is, you will be told tomorrow giving plenty of time to download and run this tiny application.
Remember, Teamspeak is a requirement!!

We will be doing all sorts of things during these flights, as we eventually progress around the world, the intent is NOT to fly continuously, but to respawn at some airports, take off and fly around some notable features, land at the start point, and respawn at the next one. NO, this wont happen all the time.

This first time, we ARE flying the legs, as you will see, some of the legs are 300 miles long, so lets fly something quick. Allow for a jet, a fast turboprop, or somesuch. Anyway, tomoorow is a new day and we shall see just WHAT these ICAO codes actually mean!!

Teamspeak :

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