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"Logon Failed" Message
Justice Jaentsch
United States

29th Mar 2014
Hey Dave, I'm having problems with trying to log on to flight strips. I uninstalled flight strips and reinstalled the program. I ran it as administrator, but still no luck.
Justice Jaentsch
United States

29th Mar 2014
I also have version 1.73. I clicked the "forgotten password" and got the email and inserted what was there.
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

30th Mar 2014
Please send me a screenshot of the error
Tim Walters
United Kingdom

30th Mar 2014
Hi Dave

Quick suggestion, as this seems to be a common problem...

Rather than just a 'Login Failed' message, you could perhaps provide a little more detail in the error presented.


'Connection is (is not) established to FSOpen Network' if it finds your servers...

'CAPS LOCK is on' if... umm... the caps lock is on...

'Username Found but Incorrect Password'...

'Username NOT Found'....


Might help you (and the user) out a bit?

Keep up the good work sir!


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