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FSopen Teamspeak Query Connect
Vince Begin
United States

23rd Dec 2013
Dave how will you work this i have tried for days toget it to connect and says caould resolve host name thanks for all feedback
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

23rd Dec 2013
Drop me an email with the configuration you are connecting to.

Dave at fsopen etc.

Greg Swift

6th May 2014
Having the same problem. What configuration are you looking for to correct this issue.

Dave Wave
United Kingdom

7th May 2014
Send me an email Greg with all the entries you've put in on the teamspeak tab.
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

9th May 2014
Greg, don't know if you got my reply but I'm unable to telnet into your teamspeak server. Suspect firewall isn't open to allow connections on port 10011

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