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Server performance
Decio Pedroso

23rd Jun 2013
Hello Dave:

Our server is a Dual Core 2.6 GHz where we run FSX, FSOpen and TS3. I don't know if others have the same experience but I have verified that on regular bases, CPU usage is about 50-60% and very often it hits 100%. However, it drastically drops whenever FSX is minimized.
So, I wonder if in a next version of FSOpenServer it would be possible to minimize FSX after sendindg chat messages.
Is this make sense to you or is it just a particular situation we have?
Thanks in advance.
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

23rd Jun 2013
Turn the graphics down to minimum and set the fps to 10. That should help.
Decio Pedroso

24th Jun 2013
Thanks, Dave. It has been done before.
Mark Killen

3rd Mar 2014

Are you still noticing this as still. I'm running intot the same issue and I imagine that it is greatly effecting MP stability for our members. Any other solutions on this.

I remember back in the Old Falcon days alot of people would use a program that would shutdown all but essential programs running in the background to prevent this. Does anyone no if there is such a program for FSX?

Decio Pedroso

9th Mar 2014
Hi, Mark.
Yes I am still facing this issue. I can tell you it does not affect server stability nor causes any trouble for users connectivity.
But still, it is very interesting how much processor usage can drop just minimizing FSX.
Mark Killen

11th Mar 2014
Hi Decio

Have you seen this

From this i developed some MP SOP's that has made a huge difference.
would strongly recommend to read it and pay close attention to it. Since FSX is already installed and the machine is already built the majority of this document is useless to me but still very valuable.
Please pay particular attention to CHAPTER 3, VERSE 1 and CHAPTER 4, VERSE 1.

I recently found that my install was probably the conflict that may have been causing a lot of issues. What I've noticed was that the main problem was Particularly running out of memory and having the major studders and micro pauses. As a result of this I did some major tweaking on my end and have seen some incredible results.

The server has been setup for Performance with all its settings set to low.

I created a MP SOP for our wing and would be happy to share it with you.


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