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Ban command
David Figge
United States

5th Mar 2013

Hope all is going well for you.

Please consider this suggestion for future updates to the FSopen software.

Banning a repeat trouble maker is a good option to keep the server running smooth. One concern I've always had is that some admins could possibly abuse the “!ban” use with players and therefore ruin the reputation of the server.

Would it be a lot of trouble to either add a “why” & "admin that banned" to the ban process or maybe change the ban action to flight strips/pilot assistant where the admin would be required to include a reason for the ban? Maybe the information could be added to the ban list stored on the server. It would be nice to monitoring individual "ban” use of admins.

Thank you Dave

Best regards,
Steff Missot

5th Mar 2013
Just make sure to who you give admin.
Trust them, if you're having a problem with "abuse", call a meeting and make things clear.
David Figge
United States

5th Mar 2013

No doubt that screening is always in place, but you do not know what is going on when you are personally away from the server.

A way to track ban history would be a wonder tool. People are little slower doing some things when they know it's recorded.

Best regards,
Robert Dunn
United States
7th Mar 2013
I will second Mr. Figge's request and add my own testimony to the value of such a ban documentation feature for future versions of FSOpen Server2.

We have implemented such ban control with a make-shift arrangement of procedures for ban confirmations. In our community, a ban must be documented in a moderator level thread on our forum and, additionally, "seconded" by another moderator. Core administrators review the FSXOpen ban IP list against the ban list documented in our forum on a daily basis. If an IP appears in the FSOpen ban list and DOES NOT have an explanation AND a second moderator's endorsement, the new ban IP is erased from FSOpen bans list and the ban lift is fully documented in the mod forum thread and awaits further discussion and actions. The offending pilot with the undocumented ban is therefore eligible to fly again, probably continuing his offensive pilotage or behavior. This ban methodology is time consuming and does not really serve our purpose very well.

The ban documentation tool Mr. Figge proposes would be VERY useful to the maintenance of order we strive for in our FSX host. As the only FSOpen clients who can perform the very handy !P command requesting packet flooder information are required to be admins, we pass out the admin privilege fairly freely.

While we could serve our own packet information purpose with the enabling of the !P command to ANY FSOpen pilot, this ban documentation feature in FSOpen Server2 would be very useful to us also.

Mr. Figge, I recently had a brief look around your operation at RealFsx. The community looks first class and well organized. You have my admiration. I would enjoy taking a brief freeflight with your community soon.

Respects, Bob... (TS3)
Robert Dunn
United States
16th Mar 2013
It would REALLY be helpful to our implementation of the many fine features of FSOpen Server2 if you could seperate the !packets permission level out of admin into the general user membership. Many of our FSOpen users have legitimate need for packet flooding information in their choosing of appropriate aircraft to fly. To date, this general user !packet requirement has been met with a far to liberal bestowing of admin status soley for this packet information purpose. This is causing grave problems with us and has resulted in our reduction of the number of admins. This increases the load on the existing admins to constantly answer questions verbally such as "how's my packets now?" and "can I fly this aircraft on our server?".

If this is possible, please consider !packet command for the generel membership. If my request is off the negotiating table, let me then just thank you for the many other features of FSOpen Server2 which we use daily and henceforth be quiet on this subject.

Respects, Bob...
Jonathan Nathanson
United States

18th Mar 2013
I do always appreciate those players who enter into our servers aware of the packet issues and interested in knowing the effect their own aircraft have thereon. As such, a !p command or similar for non-admins would be helpful to allow those self-aware players to self-moderate.

On that note, players who received a packet-related (or other) kick don't see the reason; only those in the game looking at the in-game chat do. Would an in-fsOpen log at least allow us the ability to retrospectively examine the kicks that fsOpen (or an fsOpen administrator) has initiated?

Thanks as always for your development and support of such a useful tool set for the entire flight simulating community. :)

-Jonathan "Wingman" Nathanson
Jonas Eberhardt

10th Jun 2016
ich wurde gebannt, ohne etwas gemacht zu haben. Wie kann ich das rückgängig machen?

Danke für Antworten

Simeon Dahl

13th Sep 2016
Seems like to good idea.

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